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At Mail Stop and More our customers find any size of carton, any thickness, any carton strength.

Golf Club carton, small or big Frame Carton you will find any size in store and if we don’t have it in store, we will get it in 24H, any size, any thickness, any quantity.

Come and ask us, you will get the best service, choice at an incredible price.

You can find different shape of cartons and rectangular or cube cartons are the most common. Special cartons such as picture, wardrobe cartons are also available in store. Did you know that cartons are tested to determine their strength (resistance to content weight) in the shipping industry the base is 32 ECT which mean that the box will resist to a 30Lbs content, #200 single wall until 40Lbs content item(s), #275 single wall keep safe a 65Lbs, #275 double wall resist a 80Lbs content and the highest regular strength #350 triple wall will resist a 100Lbs content.

Everybody know that Packing supply is not only carton, it is also tape to seal your shipment, heavy duty tape or clear sealing tape, industrial tape.

You may also need to protect your items with bubble wrap, small or big bubble wrap depending on the weight of your item to be protected. Single foot large sheet to a roll 125ft long, perforated or not, Bubble-wrap is an essential need for your fragile items.

Don’t forget loose fill to surround your items for a total protection, may be packing peanuts regular or anti static, interlocking peanuts or lightweight.

That is not all, these were the most common packing supplies you may find at Mail Stop and More

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When you require more than just a handful of peanuts or a carton come and meet us we will work with you to meet all of your needs with service that exceeds your expectations.