Nearest convenient Notary Public

Are you looking for professional notary services in Melbourne Florida?

At Mail Stop and More each staff member is a Notary Public, that mean a lot because there’s no waiting time for you.

We are appointed by the secretary of state to screen the sign of important documents for multiple purpose:

  • Signature Witnessing

  • Acknowledgment

  • Oath/Affirmation

  • Copy Certification

The Notary Public will need the physical presence of the signer. Identity of the signer has to be proven at the same time. Depending of the State some acts can or can’t be notarized. The most common notarization are based on Real Estate Transaction, Loans, Will and much more.

If you have any doubt or question before coming you can also give us a call at 321-259-6923

We are conveniently Located on 6300 North Wickham Road suite 130, Melbourne, Florida

Why do I need to Notarize a Document?

For legal purpose, in most of case to simply protect you, you need a third party to sign and witness your documents. This third party has to make sure that you are the person that has to sign and that you understand what you are signing (it doesn’t mean that the third party understand what it says)

Are you looking for a Notary Public service, we can help you or your business. There’s always a Notary Public on Duty at Mail Stop and More. By using our services you will save time and Money, stay focused on your Business and let us do the rest.

Certified Notary Public Signing Services

If you are looking for fast and quality services at Mail Stop and More you will not be disappointed. We are at your side from more than 25 years. Conveniently located in 6300 N. Wickham Road Melbourne Florida. Serving Suntree and Viera communities.

We are a walk in Notary Public, no appointment is needed, no waiting time, come in and we will help you.