Document Shredding Services Near Me

Mail Stop and More will provide you a secure and affordable Shredding on Site for only $0.99 per Lb.

Document Shredding at $0.99 per Lb rate is not a promotion, it is the most affordable rate we ask to get your business!

You may see sometime similar rate elsewhere, but you shouldn’t have to wait any promotion, come anytime and enjoy this affordable flat rate. At Mail Stop and More it can be done anytime and not only when you have a promotional rate or a coupon.

There is no best time to shred your confidential documents, but there’s a good place to do it, it’s at Mail Stop and More.

Howe can i bring my document to be shredded? A carton Box is ideal and you don’t need to remove paper clip or staple, or professional machine will shred it too!

Document Shredding

Protect your Privacy and your Confidentiality

At Mail Stop and More your paper document are shredded on site and usually straight away. There will be only on dedicated staff member doing your shredding, from starting to the end, nobody else will handle your sensible documents. That’s why we are different and really safer than any other Document Shredding site.

Most of the other place that provide this kind of service are using a third party company, the shredding is done elsewhere. This can compromise your safety, your documents are passing from hand to hands, store to truck and truck to warehouse with others hands. Even if the process out of site seems to be safe it can’t be with so many individuals involved, all manipulating in another location your private and sensible papers and document.

Commercial & Confidential Document Shredding Services

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